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Car suicide bombing at Kabul Killed at least three

A state run news agency of Afghanistan had reported that at least three have been killed in the recent bomb blast at Afghan capital Kabul around 9 Am on this Saturday.

Police officials of Kabul reported the press that a suicide car bombing held at Kabul targeting the foreign security contractor company has just claimed by Taliban. The blast had killed three and wounded at least 4 said the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan.

The police officials have said that this blast was a minor blast while compared with other bombings that happened in the past. the Taliban has just claimed the Blast but the real reason for the blast is under investigation.

All the assailants of the latest bomb blast were common civilians none of the contractors has been killed in the blast is to be noted.

Recently Kabul was largely targeted by the terrorist organizations of Afghanistan. Even though Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defence taking more efforts to control these like attacks that killing just the civilians but the effort is not just worth it. The attacks and death of civilians just continuing still.

Car suicide bombing at Kabul Killed at least three

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