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Chile Earthquake made 10 lakh People to Evacuate

Chile Earthquake made 10 lakh People to Evacuate

In Chile one of the South American countries, major earth quake occurred on 16.09.2015 in the country which evacuated 10 lakh people to safer place.

The earth quake center point is found in 25 km depth in the South Pacific Sea near the Illapel city which is situated 177 miles north of Chile's capital Santiago. Illapel city is most affected due to this earthquake. The earthquake sensed 8.3 magnitudes on the coastal regions of Chile.

This made the government to give Tsunami warnings to the coastal part of the Chile and to evacuate the people in the coastal residence to some safer place. National emergency Service of Chile ordered immediate evacuation of the coastal region as well as in eastern Island.

The quake occurred at 7:54 pm in west of Chile and was felt in the neighboring countries Brazil, Sao Paulo, Peru, Argentina which was more than 2000 miles apart.

This made house shake and the people in coastal region to fear and came out from their house. More than 10 lakh people in the coastal region were shifted to the safe place due to tsunami crisis. Some of the old buildings in the Illapel city had collapsed. The report says at least 10 people will be killed in this earthquake among that 3 men above 65 lost their lives by heart attack. The vehicles in the road dashed each other. The earthquake was felt severely around 100 miles.

More than Two lakh residences had power failure. After this quake there was again reported 7 magnitude earth shake. Sea water entered in to the town and destroyed the houses, pre-school and other buildings in Tongoy which is 225 miles north from Santiago. Northern Chile was damaged a lot by this flood and quake.

Following this major quake there is at least 30 times smaller earth shakes were felt which made the people terrible.

Before this Southern Chile faced heart drowning earthquake on 2010 in which more than 500 people killed in 8.8 magnitude.

Chile Earthquake made 10 lakh People to Evacuate