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China again builds World Highest Dam

China again builds World Highest Dam

World Highest dam was constructed across the river Yolang River in China. The construction completed in 2014 which was started in 2005. It is known as Jinping-I Hydro power station. The dam was 305m in height and 568m long arch dam.

Now China started expanding Hydro power project. It begun to construct another tallest dam of 314m tall Shuangjiankou dam across the river Yangtze. The officials say this project will be completed by 2022. The cost budget is 5.8 billion USD which is above than the previous one.

China says by 2030 the country will obtain 20% of its power from non fossil resources. This will reduce emission of its carbon which is responsible for the climate change.

China has constructed many largest and tallest dam. It is said to be the home of the largest dam. In back of its building tallest dam common people are suffering a lot. They made them to shift their places with lower compensation.  The actual cost of the construction is not known. The Social and environmentalist says many aquatic lives are decreased by these dams.

The other dams in China

•    Xiaowan Dam of 292m completed in 2010.

•    Xiluodu Dam of 285.5m  completed in 2013

•    Nuozhadu Dam of 261m completed in 2012

•    Laxiwa Dam of 250m completed in 2009

•    Ertan Dam of 240m completed in 1999

And many more dams.

The natural dam is still highest than the man-made one for instance Usoi Dam is a natural landslide dam which height is about 500 to 700 meters. It is along the River Murghabin Tajikistan.

Other Tallest dams in the world

•    Nurek Dam in Tajikistan height - 300 m (980 ft) build across the Vakhsh River. Construction started in 1961 and completed in 1980.

•    Grande Dixence Dam in Switzerland - 285m completed in the year 1964.

•    Inguri Dam in Georgia - 271.5m completed in the year 1987.

•    Vajont Dam  in Italy - 261.6m completed in 1959.

•    Manuel Moreno Torres Dam, Mexico – 261 m constructed between 1974 to 1980.

•    Tehri Dam, India – 260.5 m across Bhagirathi River, Uttarakhand completed in 2006.

China again builds World Highest Dam

China again builds World Highest Dam