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China building Largest Radio Telescope to find external life

China is building world largest five hundred meters spherical radio Telescope at Pingtang County in Southwest China. The construction began in 2011 and it could be completed by the end of 2016. It is 3 times more sensitive than the present largest radio telescope Arecibo Obsevatory at Puerto Rico which was controlled by research institutes SRI International and USRA. Arecibo Observatory has been appeared in famous James Bond movie Golden Eye in 1995.

China's World Largest Radio Telescope

The size of the China's radio telescope is about 30 football ground and it will get the signals from tens of billions of light years away. It also signals the life existence in that distance and it also hunt for any natural resources existing in the galaxies and in solar system.

Recently panels are being installed and it will install 4,450 panels which will be completed in next year June. This telescope also serves in finding the external life in the galaxies. Six Giant towers were installed around the telescope. When it is completed, it will be more effective in receiving the signals. The scientist and the researchers say it will be more sensitive to find the life in the terrestrial and it helps in observation of new stars and natural resources in the milky way or in the distant galaxies.

China became the third country to send the humans in the space orbit in 2003. China is stepping into the world space race, it have also launched orbital space lab and lunar probe on the moon.

China building Largest Radio Telescope to find external life

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