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China Tianjin Port Massive Blast killed Hundred

China Tianjin Port Massive Blast killed Hundred

Massive explosions occurred on midnight of 12th August 2015 in Tianjin port where hundreds of people killed and more than 300 injured.

The explosion took place at the ware house of the Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co., who is specialized in toxic chemicals in the industrial area. In the explosion it is expected to be more than 100 people killed.

There is a serial blast in that area where second blast is considered a huge one than the first. It was felt for many miles long. The resident who is 3 miles away from the site felt their apartment was shacking.  He rushed down before a second blast and thought it could be an earthquake and his family was in danger.

It was midnight on Wednesday 12th August the incident took place. The two batches of fire men arrived at the spot before the huge explosion to reduce the fire on the container. Nearly thousand fire men were involved in controlling the fire after the explosion.

There was huge smokes emitted from the blast, the shock was felt more than 2 miles apart from the site. It blew out the doors and windows in the surroundings of about 2 miles. Many people were injured who stayed a mile apart from the blast. It has burnt out thousands of cars and buildings nearby.

On Thursday morning there was smoke existing which has the chemical odor. The smoke could harm the people if they are exposed to them for a long time.

On Friday, it was confirmed 50 people was death including 17 fire men. The sources say that nearly 700 injured people were admitted in the hospital.

The blast raises the question of the toxic dangerous chemicals that was stocked in the port. About 70 companies have handed over these toxic chemicals to the port. The building was designed to store most toxic chemicals like Sodium Cyanide, Calcium Carbide, Toluene diisocyanate, compressed natural gas and others.

Latest Updates

Latest report says that about 114 people were killed and still 60 people were missing in the blast. The rescue work is still on the progress. The rescue team found at least 50 people alive including the firemen who laid down injured for many hours.

The report also says the most of the missing one is the firefighter and many of the firefighter were killed. There were 56 contract firefighters missing and 23 were dead. Many of the contract firefighters are teens.

China Tianjin Port Massive Blast killed Hundred

China Tianjin Port Massive Blast killed Hundred