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Chinese Media Says India Border Sealing Move is Irrational

Chinese Media Says India Border Sealing Move is Irrational

On Friday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had announced 3,323 km of border between India and Pakistan will be completed sealed by December 2018. Reacting to this Chinese media says this is the irrational decision by India that could complicate the India - Pakistan - China relationship.

Following the Uri Attack of Pakistan, Surgical strike was made by India and in order to protect the border India had taken the move to seal the border completely. Home Minister said the process of sealing will be carried out in a planned manner. It will be in periodic monitoring at multiple levels with the support of 4 state governments that shares border with Pakistan.

This move of India has been slammed by the Chinese experts saying it could further complicate the relationship of the two countries.

The director of the Institute for Southern and Central Asian Studies at the Shanghai Municipal Centre for International Studies Wang Dehua said that a sealed border would affect the peace efforts made by the two sides. Chinese experts say there is no evidence proving Pakistan was behind the Uri Attack. The completed sealed border to would further hinder the border trade and talks between two countries.

They also said it would also make China - India relations more complicated. Chinese President Xi Jinping will be visiting India this week to take part in the BRICS Summit in Goa where he would meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This will be their second meeting in 2 months.

It has been reported that Pakistan is building up the forces at the major cities and strengthening its troops at the border. Indian army had reported already several ceasefire violations by Pakistan in the past week.

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Chinese Media Says India Border Sealing Move is Irrational

Chinese Media Says India Border Sealing Move is Irrational

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