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Earthquake Prediction India involved with 27 Nations in Research

Due to the earthquake thousands of people were used to die. To alert the people before earth quake 27 countries joined under the head of India to make the research.

If this project is successful it makes the people to save their life and take required alert step before the occurrence.

The scientist says 'Before the earthquake occurs there will the changes undergoing inside the layer of the earth. It may be any changes in the soil or rock surface or it may be any chemical reaction under the layer. To find this change and to get the signal of the disaster research work will be done. For this purpose, India will launch the satellite on 2019'.

Earth Quake Prediction

The exact time of earth quake occurrence and the rate and severances of earth quake is not predictable until now. Earth quake can be predicted by sensing the nature around us; this was predicted using the changes in animal behavior, the well water level, birds sound and their behavioral changes etc. These changes were proved by the many earth quakes that happened in past two centuries.

The unusual behavior of animals and birds was noticed before the earth quake in many parts of the world.

The report says that the rats disappeared that usually be in the restaurant in the Nagoya city before the earthquake in Nobi of 1891. Like this many evidence confirms the changes in animal and birds behavior. Nervousness, restlessness can be seen in the animals many hours before the earthquake.

There are many other things that changes like well water. It may rise or drop vastly before any earthquake. Like this temperature changes and level of Oil well changes were noticed and reported in many parts of the world before the disaster.

Earthquake Prediction India involved with 27 Nations in Research

Earthquake Prediction India involved with 27 Nations in Research

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