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Ebola Today and its First Outbreak in West Africa

Ebola Today and its First Outbreak in West Africa

Ebola Today

WHO in Sierra Leone shares to the world that ”On 22 August 2014 there were 78 Ebola positive patients, now on 22 August last patients awaits discharge from treatment center”.

WHO also state 15 days were passed finding new positive case of Ebola in Sierra Leone and also says Healthcare workers, communities, front line staffs and volunteers are the real heroes to eradicate Ebola.

Ebola is a deadliest virus that killed more than 11300 people as on July 2015 and reported nearly 30000 cases.

WHO says it was only under estimated the death toll may be increase because it was hard to collect this data. The first outbreak was found first on March 2014. It was reported to be worst in three African countries 4500 died in Liberia, nearly 4000 died in Sierra Leone and 2500 died in Guinea.

The last case was discharged on July 20th in Liberia and was declared as a Ebola free. In sierra Leone 42 days was set to announce Ebola free already 15 days were passed and finds no Ebola positive.

Ebola in 2015        

It was found that in 14th July 2015, a 17 year old male is affected by Ebola in Liberia. Included with other 5 five cases. WHO reported that there are 30 confirmed cases of Ebola as on July 8, 2015.

The World wide death rate was increased to 11,193 as on June 2015.

Countries widely affected by Ebola are West African countries Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia. It is limited in Nigeria, Senegal and Mali.

Ebola was first found in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976 which is a spreading virus and kills the people. Still now there is no treatment for this. The Person infected from Ebola can get symptoms from 2 to 21 days.

It causes high fever, headache, diarrhea, joint pains, stomach pains, immune system weakness, affects the cells and internal organs. It creates the internal or external bleeding and leads to death.

It started from 28th December 2013 from Guinea and spread over to  other states in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia) rapidly. It is limited in other states like Nigeria, Mali and Senegal.

It is affected to people by the contacts with the skin, fluid of the infected animals and to spread to other people in the same way. Also infection is caused by needles and surfaces.

As on 14th October 2014, WHO has declared the number of deaths reached 4,447.

There are no vaccines for this virus; research is carried out for this treatment. So for preventing the affected people should be cautious by not spreading to others.

It is better for the other people not going to the Ebola affected regions.

Apart from West African countries other countries are affected in limit. In USA 1 death and found symptoms in 3 more, Two persons in Spain. These countries announced that they have isolated Ebola from their Nation.  Italy and United Kingdom are also included.

Ebola in USA

On 30th September 2014, CDC reported that 45 years old man named Thomas Eric Duncan is affected by Ebola in USA. Duncan traveled from Liberia to Dallas, USA. He died on October 8th even after the treatment.

Later two nurses who had taken care of Duncan and one physician who had taken care of Ebola affected people in West Africa was found to be Ebola positive. They were treated immediately and they were announced Ebola free after the treatment.

Many countries took a preventive measure to avoid the Ebola attack in their native. This made widely decreased the spread of Ebola.

Ebola and India

So far Ebola is not detected in India. But has the 50% chance to affect India, being people working in West Africa in various fields. If affected in India it is too hard to control it because it is very rapid and cause severe illness and death.

It is better to prevent than controlling the Ebola in the developing Nations like India. Persons coming from these Nations should be strictly examined before the entry and they should be regularly followed.

Ebola Today and its First Outbreak in West Africa

Ebola Today and its First Outbreak in West Africa