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Emergency Declaration in Sri Lanka: President Sirisena Announced

Emergency Declaration in Sri Lanka: President Sirisena Announced

Emergency Declaration in Sri Lanka: President Sirisena Announced

The night of emergency is to be announced tonight, with the aim of regulating terrorist acts following 290 people killed in suicide attacks in churches and hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

According to the decision taken at the National Security Council meeting, this order was issued by President Sirisena. At the same time, it was withdrawn this morning as it had been in curfew in Sri Lanka at 8 pm and 6 am. Emergency has been issued since it was issued tonight again.

Yesterday, a suicide attack was carried out in eight places in the St. Anthony church in Colombo city, the church at the bales, the St. Sebastian church in Negombo and two luxury hotels. In this attack, 290 people have been killed and more than 500 have been treated seriously. So far no organization is responsible for this attack. However, Sri Lankan government sources say all those involved in suicide attacks are from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka's health minister and government spokesman Rajitha cenaratne said, "This attack manitavetikuntukal converts all digeneous It was. The intelligence of the head of such an attack to hold out the prospect of the 11th Police aijikkaku warned. July 4, first intelligence organization warned about a similar attack. But they did not recognize anything.We suspect that this attack is the national Dahit Jamat, a Muslim organization in Sri Lanka. This system has links to a large number of foreign organizations. Police chief Bijitha Jayasundara, who did not respect the information of the intelligence agency should resign. "

Raf Hakim, a member of the main Muslim party in Sri Lanka, said: "No warning was taken by the police despite the warning reports of intelligence." In the meanwhile, a curfew was issued from last night to the nationwide suicide attack last night. The Government of Sri Lanka has issued a night-time curfew from 8 am to 4 am today to regulate terrorist acts in the country.

Furthermore, the National Security Advisory Committee meeting was headed by Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena. At this meeting, the Emergency with the conditions in control of the terrorist acts in the country has been decided today to first and foremost nationwide. The order has been issued by President Sirisena.

Emergency Declaration in Sri Lanka: President Sirisena Announced