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Emperor Akihito Abdication New King of Japan Monarchy

Emperor Akihito New King of Japan Monarchy

Emperor Akihito New King of Japan Monarchy

Japan's 125th King Akihito  (aged 85) expressed his desire to step down because of old age and ill health. In Japan, no king has resigned in the past 200 years. Last 1817, the king of Kokaku has resigned. No one has resigned afterwards. The bill for the resignation of the king was passed in parliament in June 2017, since the rules for resignation are not in the law. The procedure for the resignation of the king began.

In December 2017, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that King Akihito will resign on April 30, 2019. He said this decision was taken in a special meeting at the Imperial Council's Special Meeting to decide the expiration of Akihito's resignation date. The prime minister said that the Government will arrange for the people to celebrate the resignation of the king and the crown of the new king.

In this case, King Akihito completes the ceremonial ceremony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, starting at 5 pm (1.30 pm on Indian time). Speaking among the Japanese people on television, King Akhihito said, "Today I fulfil my duties as the king of this country. I went to the throne as your king over the last 30 years ago and I have fulfilled my duties in the faith and respect of the people. I feel as lucky about this. I express my gratitude to all the people who supported me".  He also prayed for the future peace and happiness of the people living in Japan and throughout the world.

Although he has traditionally resigned from the evening this morning, he will be the king of Japan until midnight. Akhihito's eldest son, Prince Naruhito (59 years old) will be crowned king of the country at 10.30 am tomorrow. Then the King Akhihito's throne will be handed over to Naruhito. 

For the first time in the history of Japan for the new king's office, 10 days public holiday was announced. The new king of tomorrow will be expected to release some important announcements in the public address to the people of the country.

Emperor Akihito Abdication New King of Japan Monarchy