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Facebook Data Breach by Cambridge Analytica

 Facebook Data Breach by Cambridge Analytica

Facebook Data Breach by Cambridge Analytica

The UK Information commissioner shouted for a raid warrant in Cambridge Analytica

Reports from a news agency in London confirmed that in 2014 over 50 million Facebook accounts have been breached and their information have been used to sway them positive towards Trump's election campaign in 2016.

The London based News agency Whistlebowled the news officially on March 17, 2018. Consequently, the news leads a way for lawmakers to screw the tech giant and the sharp fall in Facebook's shares that wiped out nearly $40 billion from its regular closing share. Following the news, the UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham had sought a warrant to raid the Cambridge Analytica, (a well notable private data mining and data brokerage company for the electoral process and corporate use) that breached the FB user data in 2014.

The news agency reported that the Cambridge Analytica hired an Argentina based external researcher Aleksandr Kogan to breach the FB database by advertising on FB's platform. According to the news agency's report, the Cambridge Analytica had harvested the details of nearly 50 million FB accounts by accessing their privacy settings through ads. Later the information has been sold out to Donald Trump to help the digital election campaign that helped him to sway the people to vote him in 2016 under Psychographic modelling.

Mark Zuckerberg said that in 2014 the Aleksandr Kogan reached facebook for creating an app "this is your digital life" and advertise it on FB's platform. But Kogan had violated the norms of FaceBook that the app he created was downloaded by more than 2,70,000 people by providing their personal data by their own but Kogan pulled out their all information including their friends' information without their knowledge. Later he shared those personal data with the Cambridge Analytica. But in the recent interview, the Cambridge Analytica said that it has destroyed all those information and none of them were used in Donald Trump's presidential election campaign by denying all media claims.

Facebook said if the company still holds the data records which they said that was destroyed completely, then the Cambridge Analytica must take the sole responsibility for an unacceptable violation of Facebook's policies and trust norms.

Following the FaceBook's data breach, Brian Acton, the co-founder of Whatsapp who raises his voice against the FB often previously. Now again raised his voice via Twitter that he tweeted with the hashtag "It is time #deletefacebook"

However, the data breach may be a rumour or a real the FaceBook still making its stand across the globe.

Facebook Data Breach by Cambridge Analytica