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June 19th Fathers Day Special

June 19th Father's Day Special

Every year June third week is celebrated as Father’s Day across the world. This year June 19th is marked as the Father’s Day. This day is celebrated to honour father and fore fathers for their great role in the children life and for the society. It was celebrated in grandly in several nations. Some countries have different date to celebrate this day.

In India, people recently began to celebrate this day by showing their love and wishes to their fathers. Many are promoting greeting cards, electronic gifts to the fathers.

Father is known next to the mother for every child. He has been a guide, guardian, first teacher to his child. In India, Father is considered between mother and the guru (teacher). He has the responsibilities of both mother and the teacher. He shows love and affection to his kids and also he should show correct path for their children’s bright future. He plays a huge role everybody’s life.

Each father has the great responsibility to guide their children in right path. A good Society is created by bring up their kids in right path and direction.

Tamil film maker and National Award actor Samutirakani is currently involved in making ‘Appa’ movie. It is all about the father where he shows how a good father should be, his responsibilities and roles to the society and children. He had promoted celebrities talk about their father which was highly welcomed by audience.

The great personalities and achievers talk about their father chilled every audience and made them to understand the responsibilities in them. Before this film there have been many films that are oriented to father but this will be first film to show what a father is.

The first observance of Father's day was held in July 5, 1908 in West Virginia. It is now celebrated widely in almost all nations. Several countries celebrated in their own date and in their own way.

June 19th Father's Day Special

June 19th Fathers Day Special

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