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Final Tribute to Peoples President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Final Tribute to Peoples President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

India had lost its wonderful son Dr. Abdul Kalam on Monday 27th July 2015. Every citizen of India is under the severe regret due to his death. His vacant place cannot be fulfilled by anyone in the future.

Dr. Kalam has been very simple even when he got the popularity and while begin the President of India. He had led very plain, simple and uncomplicated life style throughout his life. He doesn’t accept any gifts from anyone.

All his life he worked of the welfare of the Nation. He dreamed about the Nation to become a developed country in 2020. He has also showed the route to achieve that dream. He loved to address with children and to be a good teacher. Until his final minute he has given the lecture to the college students. He was active and busy still his final breathe.

He believed the Nation’s progress and Nation's development is in the hands of younger generations. So he always says to the students and youths to dream big and work hard to achieve that will be the seed of country's development. He also said many ways to make our country as developed.

He always closely mingled with the people at the time of being president. He is called as the 'People's President'. No one can do this other than him.

He also insisted us to plant the trees in all the possible places. This will make our country to reach the destination. He has been role model to the every citizen in India. He is an example to everyone including students, teachers and politicians.

He was interested in Carnatic music and plays Veena. He was much involved in Thirukkural and takes the quote during his speech. He also had interest in epics and literature.

The people who worked with him, who was nearby him during his life journey, friends who studied with him and people who was inspired by him shares their thought and experience with him in the new papers.

Funeral Ceremony

The final tribute will takes place in his home town Rameswaram, Tamilnadu on 30th July 2015 at 11.am. All the people from many places gathered there for the great man send of ceremony.

For the Funeral, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central and state ministers came to Rameswaram and given their final tribute.

Project 'Green Kalam' by actor Vivek

Actor Vivek had first chance to meet Kalam on 2002 and later he met the People's President in the year 2006 at Delhi. In the year 2010 he again had the chance to meet Dr.Kalam at Chennai. In this meeting Kalam insisted Vivek to plant trees which is the only way to reduce global warming.

Actor Vivek had undertaken Kalam's words and started 'Green Kalam' project which planted 27 lakhs trees till date. Actor Vivek says 'Kalam sir is with us at cuddalore when crossing 10 lakhs trees'.

Actor Vivek also tweeted 'Dear Baba! May our leader not rest. Bcoz he never wanted to rest. Bless his soul to work for our nation eternally ever'.

Final Tribute to People's President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Final Tribute to Peoples President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam