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Google Doodle Honors Blood Group Discoverer Karl Landsteiner

Google Doodle Honors Blood Group Discoverer Karl Landsteiner

Karl Landsteiner discovery of the blood group is one of the most prestigious one that enables physicians to transfuse blood without any harm to patient's life. He was the biologist and physician who first found the main blood groups in 1900. From identifying the presence of agglutinins in the blood, the groups are classified.

Later Alexander S Wienner discovered Rh factor in 1937 with Dr. Karl that subsequently helped for patients in blood transfusion.

Before these discoveries in 19th century they physicians many blood transfusions in which some of them are successful but many had failed. Dr. Karl founded A, B and O group bloods. He was awarded Nobel Prize in 1930 for his discoveries.

Karl did not stop with this he also worked for many other discoveries. He worked with other scientists and founded polio virus in 1909. This is the first step to treat the disease that affected millions of children worldwide. He was also awarded with Aronson Prize in 1926.

He is considered as the father of transfusion medicine. His birthday June 14 was observed as World Blood Donor Day.

At present we all know the importance to know our blood group. Every individual knows their blood group. We know the person with AB group can accept any type of blood. This blood group is known as Universal Recipient. The person with O group that is suitable to donate for any blood group persons is known as Universal Donor.

Today Google paid tribute to this great physician on his 148 birthday. Doodle had created animated picture of scientist Karl blinking eyes. He is standing at the side of the table containing microscope and blood test tubes containing various blood groups. He was born in June 14, 1868 and died in June 26, 1943.

Google Doodle Honors Blood Group Discoverer Karl Landsteiner

Google Doodle Honors Blood Group Discoverer Karl Landsteiner

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