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Gravitational Waves Detected by Scientists

Gravitational Waves Detected by Scientists

Gravitational Waves Detected by Scientists

On February 11th, it was announced that gravitational waves was detected by the scientists. It was earlier last year September scientists found this amazing detection but announced yesterday after various studies. It is the huge victory for the humans to detect the gravitational waves that emerging from the back hole.

It was exactly 100 years before one of our prominent scientists Albert Einstein unveiled the theory of relativity that describes about the gravitational waves. Gravitational waves were detected and confirmed the Einstein's theory.

The scientists say this is the direct evidence first time when they recorded the sounds and waves of two black holes colliding with each other at billions of light years away. Two black holes are found circling each other, one has mass of 36 times higher than sun and other has 26 times higher. A pair of black holes circling each other and forms the single black hole.

On September 14, 2015 two detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIFO) observed a transient gravitational wave signal. This is the first detection of gravitational waves of binary black holes. A pair of L-shaped antennas in Washington and Louisiana which are the two stations of LIGO has the arm of about 4 km long to experiment the waves.

Role of Indian scientists in the discovery

Many scientists throughout the world had contributed their works in detecting the gravitational waves. More than 60 Indian scientists played the major role in discovering the gravitational waves.

Sanjeev Dharundhar (professor of IUCAA, Pune), Bala Iyer (scientist, Raman Research Institute) and other several Indian scientists from various scientific research centers in all over the nation contributed their works in discovering the gravitational waves. They all should be recognized in this mass discovery. With joint project with LIGO lab at US, India done its amazing job by funding and scientists worked for the observation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Indian scientists for their immense role in finding out the gravitational waves.

Gravitational Waves Detected by Scientists