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Gunman Took Hostages After Shooting Down A Police Officer In France

Gun fired at a security person and took hostages in France.

A gunman at the Super U market of Carcassonne, a hilltop town in Trèbes of Southern France had taken hostages after drilling shots on a police officer. An interim report confirmed hostages have been taken in by a gunman after few gunshots at a supermarket on Friday around 11 AM.

Reports from the Interior Ministry of France said that the security forces are bracing for a counter-terrorism operation after acknowledged with the ongoing hostage crisis in Trèbes.

A local news agency reported by citing a local prosecutor that the gunman declared his allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist organisation. And the UNSA police union official tweeted that in another incident in Trèbes an unknown gunman poured shots on four police officials and injured one officer. Additionally, they also said that the same man is now holding the hostages in the Super U Market.

Reports also claiming the count of hostages may be up to eight. Currently, the Super U market is under the siege of police officials and counter-terrorism unit of Southern France.

The mayor of Trèbes told a local news agency that two hostages inside the market were suffering bullet injuries. He continues that everyone has been freed by the gunman to go out except eight of the hostages with an unarmed police officer.

In January 2018 the France government had prevented two terror attack by jailing two persons after confirming their terror allegiance. In a recent press addressing Gérard Collomb, Minister of Interior of France said Among the two suspects arrested for their terror relationship one was already prepared to make attack over a famous sports personality and another was planning to make ambush over the Counter-Terrorism unit while they patrolling. 

Gunman Took Hostages After Shooting Down A Police Officer In France

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