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Gunmen attack on Mali Hotel: 170 people hostage, 3 deaths reported

On Friday morning Gunmen entered firing Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali's capital Bamako. There were 170 people hostage inside the hotel and 3 shot death by them. Among 170 people 140 are guest and 30 are employees.

The report says 2 gunmen came inside the hotel firing and 3 were died, two Malian nationals and one French man. Malian soldiers with U.N. troops have surrounded the hotel. They have rescued few hostages safely among them are few U.N staff members and sources couldn’t confirm how many of them are still being inside.

It is said that the 2 men while entering the hotel fired severely and screaming 'Allalu Akbar' (God is Great). The neighbors near hotel say it could have been continued at least for few minutes. Two men are holding 170 people inside the hotel.

Chinese media reported at least 7 Chinese guests will be among the hostage. One of the Chinese guests told to Chinese news agency as he is one among them who were trapped inside the hotel. It is noted that recently China is expanding their large scale projects in African countries and Chinese people can been seen all over the continent.

The attack was done after the French President Francois Hollande said French troops done their work good fighting against Islamists at African nations. Mali was once been under French colony. There are thousands of French troops and many UN troops in Mali.

In August this year, gunmen killed 13 people including 5 UN workers and Malian soldiers at the hostage situation at hotel in central Mali, Sevare.

US Secretary Kerry was confident in defeating ISil much faster that defeating Osama Bin Laden head of al-Qeada. He announced this terrorist group will be defeated much faster and they have the ability to do that.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Gunmen attack on Mali Hotel: 170 people hostage, 3 deaths reported

Gunmen attack on Mali Hotel: 170 people hostage, 3 deaths reported

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