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Hajj Stampede at least 200 killed 450 injured

At least 200 people were killed and more than 450 people were injured near Mecca who had taken part in Hajj pilgrimage at Saudi Arabia today.

Incident happened in Mina that is situated between Mt. Arafat and the Islamic holy city Mecca. More than 20 lakhs people were taking part of the major rite, people were caught in the crowd and lost their lives.

Saudi Arabia Civil Defense officials confirm 150 people died in this holy pilgrimage and it has been feared more. Mina is situated 3 miles apart from the Mecca. Mina is considered as another holy place of Muslims. They consider this place as historical holy place remembering events happened on Muhammad days.

Mecca hajj pilgrimage is the traditional one where every Islamic people should attend at least once in their life time.

Due to the heavy crowd many other incidents were happened earlier like this. For past few years there were no such incidents due to the high safety measures taken by Saudi Arabia government.

This time few days before starting of hajj pilgrimage, huge crane fallen down that killed more than 100 and around 400 people were injured.

In 2006, 364 people killed by stampede in Mina city. In 2004, 251 people were killed in the similar incident. Major incident like this happened in the year 1990 which killed 1400 people.

Hajj Stampede at least 200 killed 450 injured

Hajj Stampede at least 200 killed 450 injured

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