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Hajj Stampede Death Toll raises over 1100 and 74 in India

The worst stampede disaster death this year in Hajj pilgrimage near the holy city Mecca rose to 1100 on Monday and in India death toll became 74 on Tuesday.

Investigations of the Hajj stampede is going on meanwhile the Saudi Authorities says the death toll may increase over 1100. Nearly 2 million people attended the hajj pilgrimage on September 24. Due to the over crowd and two ways of people moved in the narrow road at Mina is one of the main cause of stampede said the Saudi authorities.

Associated Press report says hajj disaster death toll rises over 1100. Iran has blamed the Saudi Arabia and said they should take responsibilities where 464 dead in Iran. Egypt faced 146, Indonesia 100, Pakistan 75, India 74, Nigeria 64, Mali 60, Cameroon 42 and Bangladesh 41.

The sources say these counts may have chance of increase further and many of the people are still missing who had attended the hajj pilgrimage.

Days before the Hajj pilgrimage 111 people were dead due to the crane crash in the Mecca. This was the major deadliest incident happened in the Mecca after 1990 hajj stampede that killed over 1400.

In India, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said according to the latest source from Saudi Authorities the death of hajj pilgrims in India rises to 74 on Tuesday. VK Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs on Monday rushed to Saudi Arabia to take a note of the killed and missing Indians in the stampede with the Saudi authorities.

Hajj Stampede Death Toll raises over 1100 and 74 in India

Hajj Stampede Death Toll raises over 1100 and 74 in India

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