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Indian Catholic Priest Crucified by ISIS on Good Friday

Indian Catholic Priest Crucified by ISIS on Good Friday

Earlier on this month Indian catholic priest abducted by the ISIS terror group and said he will be crucified on Good Friday.

On March 4, a group of terrorist kidnapped Kerala priest father Tom Uzhunnallil at Yemen. Minister Sushma Swaraj earlier said they are making all efforts to get him released. The terror group planned to execute him like the ancient method that was done to Jesus by nailing him to the cross.

Father Tom was working in mother Teresa missionaries of charity. ISIS militant group attacked the charity home and kidnapped him. During this attack 16 members including one security and nurses and nuns were killed. The victims include 4 foreign nuns and an Indian nurse working in the charity.

The recent sources confirm that Catholic priest had been crucified on Good Friday by the ISIS terror group. Prayers had been conducted for well being of father in various churches since he was abducted on March 4.

On celebrating Good Friday and Easter, this is the very bad heart breaking news for the humanity. Good Friday was observed as the holy day for the Christians, the day Jesus was crucified. Easter is the day Jesus resurrection from the dead. The ISIS used same method to priest Tom as Romans did to Jesus.

Meanwhile another tragedy explosion happened in Pakistan's Lahore city yesterday. It killed nearly 70 people mostly including women and children.

The explosion carried out in the main gate of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. Nearly 200 people were injured at the blast. Pakistan Taliban group claimed it carried out the attack. Pakistan government announced 3 days mourning for the people died.

In all places the terrorist groups were growing fast and everyday somewhere in the world few people die by the terrorist attack.

Indian Catholic Priest Crucified by ISIS on Good Friday

Indian Catholic Priest Crucified by ISIS on Good Friday

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