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Insects Museum in Tamilnadu Shortly to be opened

Insects Museum in Tamilnadu Shortly to be opened

This is going to be the First Insects Museum in India to be opened shortly. The Tamilnadu Agricultural University opens the Insects Museum where they place studies and researches of Entomology department done for about 50 years.

For the studies, the National Agriculture Department spent up to 50 lakhs. For the construction it has allocated one crore. The construction of the building will be in 6000 sq feet. It is made for publishing all the insects and detail of the insects and their life method.

The main purpose of this museum is to knowledge the people and to create awareness about the insects in which they will be benefited.

The team planned to open the museum on October of 2015.

The crop preservative director Ramraj said “This museum is formed by the devoted work of many people in the organization”. They will exhibit more than 70000 insects under 26 categories each consisting of nearly 4000 species.

He also said for the past six years alone more than 40000 insects were researched and founded. This museum carries the insects of many kinds which few varieties honey bee, worms that benefits the farming, insects that is harm for crops, insects that live in water and many more.

Farmers will be benefited by this insect museum, they may learn about the different types of insects will is beneficial as used as natural pesticides in farming and comes to know about the insects which is harmful.

Insects were collected across the nation and maximum were in the states. It also collected from neighboring states Kerala and Karnataka, mainly collected in Western ghats and Eastern ghats.

The details such as name of the insects, its nativity, its life circle, its pros and cons, scientific name will be displayed. For students and observers who are coming to the museum, the details will be shown in mini theatre for their better understanding.

Insects Musuem in Tamilnadu Shortly to be opened

Insects Museum in Tamilnadu Shortly to be opened