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Is North Korea Behind Ransomware Virus Attack?

Is North Korea Behind Ransomware Virus Attack

The Indian based American engineer Neel Metha working in Google found that North Korea is behind the WannaCry Ransomware attack. For past few days this virus has been attacked more than 2 lakh computers across the globe in more than 150 countries. He had published some evidence regarding the group involved in the attack that is supported by North Korea.

The money demanding message after the attack is not the directly written in English; it is translated from other language by computer. The attackers demand a ransom usually in Bitcoins, which are tougher to trace than regular currency to decrypt the files. WannaCry is a part of hacking techniques that is leaked from US National Security Agency. It occupies the entire computer and deletes the files.

Ways To Protect Computer From Ransomware

- Do not click the unwanted and unknown link from your mail.

- Backup your data to physical storage device and one copy to cloud.

- Check Firewall and Email Security to ensure the criminal network traffic is not allowed.

- If you detect unknown or suspicious process on your machine, disconnect immediately from the internet and LAN connection.

- Keep operating system and third-part applications updated

- Do not open unknown files with extensions '.exe', '.vbs', '.scr'

- Always keep your security software up to date.

Is North Korea Behind Ransomware Virus Attack

Is North Korea Behind Ransomware Virus Attack?

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