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ISIS destroys the ancient 2000 years old Temple in Palmyra city

[caption id='attachment_479' align='alignnone' width='534']ISIS destroys the ancient 2000 years old Temple in Palmyra city ancient Temple of Bel destroyed. Photo credit: UNOSAT via EPA[/caption]

U.N confirms the Bel Temple in Palmyra city was destroyed by ISIS. It confirms the main building of the temple is totally destructed through the Satellite vision.

On Sunday 30th August, the explosion by ISIS has destroyed the temple of Bel in Palmyra city that was 2000 years old. The walls of the temple are still standing even after the explosion. The city was occupied by the Islamic State militants and they destroyed the temple and antiquities.

UN has verified the destruction by the Satellite images and released Satellite images that show before and after explosion of the Bel temple in Palmyra.

Syrian state Chief antiquities Maanmoun Abdulkarim said 'This is most important ancient temples for Syrians and also for the Middle East'. Temple has been declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1980. UNESCO condemned this ISIS act as the war crime. This has been top tourist site in the Middle East.

Palmyra was an important city in the Roman Empire and this temple was built in 32AD. It has been the one of the 1st century temple in the world.

Earlier, this group a week before had destroyed the smaller temple in Baalshamin and posted the pictures later. ISIS has also destroyed the ancient Nirmud Archaeological site in Iraq near the city Mosul on April 2015. Nirmud has been once the capital of Assyrian empire.

ISIS killed 81 year old Khaled Al-Assad, the famous antiquities scholar who had been in-charge of Palmyra for 4 decades until 2003 and retired. ISIS asked him about the treasures of Palmyra hidden; they executed him for refusing to say the place. Abdulkarim said to the media 'Ala-Assad was one of the important pioneers in Syrian archaeology of 20th century'.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is one of the largest and terrorist organizations in Iraq. It took control over many main cities in Iraq and Syria. It has the control over the oil resources in the Iraq that gives them highest financial background. It is said many foreign money and support also flows to them for their finance.

ISIS destroys the ancient 2000 years old Temple in Palmyra city

ISIS destroys the ancient 2000 years old Temple in Palmyra city

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