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ISIS Suicide Bombers Killed 36 in Istanbul Airport

ISIS Suicide Bombers Killed 36 in Istanbul Airport

ISIS Suicide Bombers Killed 36 in Istanbul Airport

At world's one of the busiest Airport 3 suicide bombers blew up themselves killing 36 people and injured nearly 147 people. It was ISIS terrorist armed with bombs and guns attacked passengers on Tuesday at Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

One attackers opened bomb at the departure hall. Police tried to stop the suicide bombers before the explosion. Of the three bombers two of them are in international terminal and one stood near the parking area. The cop managed to attack one terrorist before the explosion from him. The cop chased the terrorist and shot him, terrorist fell down missing his gun. When he saw the suicide bomb in him the cop ran away to save his life. Few seconds after he shot by the cop he detonated himself.

There are many Europeans and Americans who travel through this Turkey airport. The airport was closed for several hours and flights are diverted to Ankara and other cities. For several hours none of the terrorist organization took responsibilities of the attack. Turkish suggests ISIS is responsible for the attack.

The terrorists came to the airport by the taxi. These 3 attackers first opened fire from their machine guns they carried before blew away themselves. People in the airport were screaming and running to save their lives. They are made to sit and hide themselves during the bomb blast and gun shots.

In the past there were several terrorist attacks on Turkey.

On January 10 German tourists killed by Suicide bombings at Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square which was suspected as ISIS attack.

28 were killed in central Ankara that claimed by Kurdish militant group. On March 37 killed by car bomb parked near the bus stop in Ankara, capital of Turkey which was claimed by the same group. Few days later ISIS suicide bombers killed 4 in Istanbul main streets.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi condemned it strongly on his twitter handler. Several nation leaders showed their condemns on this incident.

ISIS Suicide Bombers Killed 36 in Istanbul Airport