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Israel Massive Fire - Thousands Of People Evacuated

Israel Massive Fire - Thousands Of People Evacuated

Outbreak of Wild fires near the Haifa city over 5 days made around 80000 people to evacuate from the region.

Nearly 700 homes were damaged in the city. There is heavy damage in the region. Several houses were fully damaged. There is no electricity in major areas in the city. Several persons were suspected to outbreak of fire and they were arrested. It is suspected to be terrorists attack on Israel.

Fire fighting aircrafts were sent by Russia, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Croatia. It helped combat the devastating blazes across the city. Many other parts of Israel is also affected by fire says the report. Israel continues to battle fire in different parts of the country for last 4 days and the residents evacuated are allowed to return home last evening. United States, United Kingdom, Palestine also extended their help to control the fire with helicopters, trucks and other equipments.

The flames began on Tuesday; it was grown powerful because of strong winds and dry weather. No one was killed in the fire but dozens of people admitted in the hospital due to injuries. There are lots of prayers for Israel people and at the same time Israel haters using the hashtag #Israelisburning had been trended.

There are always Israel and Palestine conflicts that started in middle of 20th century.

Israel Massive Fire - Thousands Of People Evacuated

Israel Massive Fire - Thousands Of People Evacuated

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