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Ivory are worthless says Kenya President

Ivory are worthless says Kenya President

'For Us Ivory is worthless, unless it is on our elephants,' said President of Kenya few days before after burning huge ivories that cost more than $175 million on the black market.

It is about 105 tones of elephant tucks, 1.35 tones of rhino horns, animal skin and other valuable products like medicinal tree barks were burnt. These tusks are from 8000 elephants and horns from 345 rhinos.

There is very high price for these materials in the world black market, but Kenya wants to stop all these things. As a message to the world it had destroyed everything that is illegal. They wanted to slow down the rising cost of these items. They wanted to stop destroying the animal killing in sake of these things.

These animals are in serious threat. Their numbers where decreasing every year. In order to safe their wild life, they have taken this strong activity. As per the sources, every 15 minutes elephants were being killed for tusks. It is being increased every year and killing of rhinos is also raised.

Kenya Wildlife Service took many days to arrange the tusks that are more than 100 tones at one place. Twelve ivory towers were built on Saturday and fired that afternoon. It took 2 days to burn and after the burn ash and black debris remained.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said they have lost 70% of elephants in last 10 years in Central Africa. He also added it steps are not taken still Africa will lose its invaluable animals.

Ivory are worthless says Kenya President

Ivory are worthless says Kenya President

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