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Japan Fukushima Earthquake - Tsunami Warning

Japan Fukushima Earthquake - Tsunami Warning

Japan Fukushima Earthquake - Tsunami Warning

The earthquake struck at the magnitude of 7.3 at Fukushima at 5:55 am local time. Following this Tsunami warning are given to the coastal regions of eastern Japan. The quake generated Tsunami waves of about 140 cm at today morning at 8 am according to the sources. Several Tsunami waves are reported across the region. Waves of different heights about 60cm, 80 cm and 90 cm hit the area including the coastal regions at Onahama port in Fukushima and at Ishinomaki.

The powerful earthquake had hit the region on 2011 killing more than 18000 people. It also hit the nuclear power plant at Fukushima and affected it causing severe damage. Still there are cleaning operations.

This time as per the report there is no damage in the nuclear plant and still there are warning of Tsunami in the region. There prevails the fear of nuclear plant damage. All reactors in the plant are shut down.

The depth of the earthquake is estimated to be 30km (18.6 miles). The earthquake affected region is 100 miles south of capital Tokyo. There was great shaking in the building in the capital.

Tsunami warnings are downgraded now but people near coastal regions are asked to evacuate. There are only minimal damages at the site until now.

Japan Fukushima Earthquake - Tsunami Warning