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Role of India: Kyoto Protocol

Role of India: Kyoto Protocol

Role of India: Kyoto Protocol

India has taken a step further in reduction of green house gases in the signing of Kyoto protocol. India is the 80th country in the amendment of second commitment period in the international reduction emission treaty , in support to the reduction of increasing and drastic climatic changes says the India's permanent representative to the UN ambassador Syed Akbaruddin handing over the momentum.

Green house gases are the major reasons for the increase and decrease of climate. They absorb the heat and emit gases harmful and produce too much heat. Increase in the industries and automobiles have en-rooted the environment in ozone depletion and also inappropriate climate changes. India stands fourth in the emission of green house gases.

Kyoto protocol plays an important role in reducing these emissions by following various methods of planting trees and reducing the emission of gases in automobiles. The green house gases have affected the ecosystem such that the overheating of earth has lead to the migration of water species to a place where the availability of water is more and cool. It has brought a change in the land to drought where cultivation will not possible. This may also lead to ocean acidification due to the reaction of carbon-di-oxide with the sea water, melting down of ice.

So the initiatives has been taken by the UNFCCC to reduce the emission by creating carbon sinks , to promote eco-friendly investments in the industries and the developed countries to sponsor for the research in reducing of emissions such as carbon credits. If the amendments could be made possible by join hands globally, it may bring in a great change in the climatic change and bring in less emission.

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Role of India: Kyoto Protocol

Role of India: Kyoto Protocol

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