London Grenfell Tower Huge Fire Accident

       Published : Jun 14, 2017 10:11 IST    

London Grenfell Tower Huge Fire Accident

People reported to be trapped in the building where huge fire broke out at the early morning on Wednesday. Crews working hard at scene, there were at least 200 fire fighters and 40 engines on the scene in White City, West London.

It is 27-storey apartment where lots of residences are living. Police are evacuating the people living in the surrounding areas. Fire fighters are continuing to put off the fire. The whole building is burning in fire.

There are number of ambulances and other resources at the spot. Neither police nor officials had given the numbers about the injured. At 5 am at local time, the entire building was almost burned out.

People are crying out of help. Lots of prayers are being sent for the people who are trapped inside.

Latest Updates:

It is reported 6 were died in the fire. The London Ambulance Service says 64 people taken to 6 hospitals and 20 is in critical care unit.

London Grenfell Tower Huge Fire Accident

London Grenfell Tower Huge Fire Accident

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