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Malaysian Air flight MH370 debris confirmed

The debris was found in the Reunion island sea shore of Indian Ocean.

The wing of Malaysian Air flight 370 which was vanished last year on 8th March 2014 was found after 500 days in the Reunion Island near Madagascar of Indian Ocean.

The Malaysian team members took the debris with French experts and sent for the testing. On the 515th day after missing the Malaysian Air flight, Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that the debris belong to the disappeared flight MH370 was confirmed by the International Experts. Also he says that the Government of Malaysia is committed to find out what really happened to the flight.

The burnt piece of luggage and the piece of round plastic was also found which is also set for testing with experts.

Experts who investigate the flight crashes say the MH 370 flight may run out of fuel and fallen vertically into the Indian Ocean. The wing alone cannot tell anything about the thing happened to the flight.

The affected people of this event say that 'This is not an end. We need the whole flight and our family members who lost with that flight'. The family members of the lost people are unable to accept the information about the flight.

This debris was found thousands of miles apart from the searching area. The black box should be found that may have gone depth into the Indian Ocean which may reveal the truth about the missing flight.

Malaysian Air flight MH370 debris confirmed

Malaysian Air flight MH370 debris confirmed

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