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Mayan City discovered by Young Boy

Mayan City discovered by Young Boy

The lost Mayan city was discovered by teen age boy that looks very promising. With the help of Canadian Space Agency and map of Google 15-years-old found the forgotten Mayan City.

According to the star pattern Mayan formed the cities and lived there. In that study he found one city missing. He done research with the help of Space Agency and Google mapping he found the city.

William Gadoury found it by studying the star map. He believed Mayan lived in the city that lined up exactly with the stars. In triangle shape, that coincide with the star, two cities were already found out of three. One city is missing that coincide with other star. When involved in the research, he had taken his research to Canadian Space Agency. They helped him by satellite pictures. They have taken more satellite pictures for him.

It is in middle of the thick forest and expert says it is hard to undergo study in that area. It is situated north of Mexico-Belize border on Yucatan Peninsula. Area is about 80 to 120 square kilometres.

The boy is one busy in his classes. He was interviews by more media and said it was his first discovery. Further study on that place may confirm his findings.

Mayan Civilization is divided into three periods, pre classic, classic, and post classic. Before pre classic it is Archaic age that dates 8000 – 2000 BC and pre classic dates 2000 BC – 250 AD.

Mayan City discovered by Young Boy

Mayan City discovered by Young Boy

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