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Mecca Stampede death toll rises to 717 and 850 injured

Mecca Stampede death toll rises to 717 and 850 injured

On Thursday morning due to Hajj pilgrims stampede at Mina near Mecca killed more than 717 persons and more than 800 wounded.

People were taking part in major rite and final part of hajj pilgrimage of throwing stones on the evil (Satan) wall. In this more than 2 million people gathered in same place. The event took place on the first day of Eid-al- Adha festival.

Saudi authorities say pilgrims from different countries were most among the peoples died and the officials blamed the undisciplined pilgrims who are rushing and made stampede in the crowed place.

More than 4000 rescue workers and 220 ambulances rushed to the place. The incident is the worst since 25 years and it is deadliest event after 1990 were 1426 people died.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia said his condolences and ordered the review of annual hajj pilgrimage operation plans. Iran reported more than 100 citizens had died and says Saudi has to accept the responsibility of this incident. In India 14 were died and 13 injured in this says Indian authorities.

Many leaders from various nations convey their condolences to this sorrow full incident. South African government, Indonesia, United States expressed their deepest condolences to all the families who were affected by this worst incident.

Saudi planned to expand the areas and construction works are going on. Most of the countries say it should concentrate on the safety measures. For past 9 years there was no such incident due to the safety measures taken by Saudi authorities. This month before Hajj stared 107 people lost their lives in crane crash at Mecca grand mosque.

In 2004 and 2006 major stampede had occurred in this holy place. In the year 2004 killed 244 and in 2006 killed 345 peoples in the hajj stampede.

Hajj pilgrimage is a holy spiritual journey for every Islam and they undergo this pilgrimage at least once in their life time. They were while dress to show the human equality before God and they come round the Kaaba, shrine in the Mecca grand mosque.

Mecca Stampede death toll rises to 717 and 850 injured