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More Plastic Particles In Bottled Water Than Tap Water

More Plastic Particles In Bottled Water Than Tap Water

The spokesperson of WHO told the press that the scientists have found more plastic particles in the bottled drinking water that resulted in twice the amount of plastic particles in tap water that was calculated previously.

WHO joined its hands with a reputed private news agency that based in Washington DC and arranged a combined journalism project with some scientists based at the State University of New York in Fredonia just to analyses the Bottled Drinking Water. The scientists took the samples of almost 259 bottles from various locations across various countries. The interesting part of that was they took the samples of many leading brands water bottles for their project.

The project scientists got themselves astonished when the test results appeared. Then they wrote to the WHO that they found only 17 brands out of 259 brands of bottled drinking water are free from microplastic fibre particles. They said they have found nearly 314 microplastic particles that size below 100 microns in every single litre of bottled water.

The scientist included brands like Coca-Cola, Bisleri, Aquafina, and Nestle in their checklist which are the brands almost half of the world's population prefers for their thirst.

The Spokesperson of WHO answered the question of a press person about the health issues that occur over the lifetime consumption of microplastic fibres through food and water and any means. He said there is a safe limit for any health issue but before considering the safe limit we have to consider the mentioning of safe limit average. But unfortunately, no researches had been carried out to determine the safe limit since now.

He continued that the people of the world started to consider the microplastics in bottled drinking water.

It may be considered again by the world governments as more serious when humans consumption of microplastics crosses the safe limit when the safe limit thing is discovered in future. Now just we have to stay calm for that moment.

More Plastic Particles In Bottled Water Than Tap Water