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NASA Announced that Mission Shakti Satellite Crash as Terrible Thing

NASA Announced that Mission Shakthi Satellite Crash as Terrible Thing.

NASA Announced that Mission Shakthi Satellite Crash as Terrible Thing.

NASA has expressed concern that the satellite is scattered over 400 pieces by India's efforts to shatter a satellite in space with the A-SAT missile, thus increasing the risk to the International Space Station (ISS). On the 27th of last month, the DRDO of the Federal Security Department conducted an A-SAT missile test to attack other enemy satellites to protect Indian satellites. The project was named Mission Shakti Project.

Prime Minister Modi addressed the people of the country through social media, television and radio following the success of the Mission Power. In the course of the test, Modi proudly pointed out that India had a satellite safety missile, after the US, Russia, and China, and accurately hit a satellite in 3 minutes. In the meantime, the US has already claimed that parts of the satellite, which have been demolished and over 400, are floating on the surface of the spacecraft. In this case, the NASA Space Center of America says, "The parts of India's satellite are scattered in 400 pieces. It has been reported that the International Space Station is at risk."

Prime Minster Narendra Modi Speech about Mission Shakthi

NASA space agency manager Jim Bridenstine has addressed NASA today. He said: "The test of the launch of India's A-SAT missile has been really scary to protect their satellite in space. The broken 400 parts of the missile destroying satellite are scattered in outer space. We have found 60 parts so far. 24 large parts are flying above the International Space Station.Such actions do not make humans to travel in space in the future. Most of the floating parts of space are larger than 10 centimeters. These parts have a dangerous environment for the International Space Station.

India's A-SAT missile test will cause major obstacles to space exploration of other countries. When such actions happen, it will cause disruption to other satellites in space. If one country experiences such a test, if other countries and we are going to do such a test, what's the space? You can not accept this. NASA is clear about what kind of damage we have.

NASA is gathering information about floating satellite parts in space every hour. According to the study we have done since last week, the risk for the International Space Station has increased by 44 percent since last week. However, on the Earth's lowest orbital path, it may break into the next 10 days.

In 2007, China conducted a similar test. Parts of the satellite that crashed in China are still moving in space. In countries where such experiments are undertaken, such countries are responsible.

To understand the space environment, the countries should be aware of responsibility and space transport management. It is essential to protect the space environment. "

NASA Announced that Mission Shakti Satellite Crash as Terrible Thing