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Nearly 250 Killed in Italy Earthquake

Nearly 250 Killed in Italy Earthquake

In Italy due to earthquake of 6.2 magnitudes killed at least 250 people that occurred yesterday. Earthquake struck the country at the midnight at 10 kilometres southeast of Norcia at 3:30 am. The spot is 100 km north east of Rome.

In Rieti Province death toll raises to 190 and 57 in neighbouring provinces. The quake struck the small villages nearby mountains. People in the provinces spent their night outside. The debris was pulled out from the destroyed buildings. There was a search for the survivors all through the night.

The quake lasted for 30 seconds and it was terrifying. Most of the buildings in centre part of quake were collapsed. The shaking intensity was around the epicentre. The area has been shaken with strong aftershocks for about 7 to 10 km according to the surveys.

Earthquake was not new to Italy. The Apennine mountain regions are dangerous part for earthquake. President Sergio called for rally for the affected people while Pope calls for prayers for those who have affected.

The team was involved in searching still. There was the history the people found survived even after two days of earthquake. So searching will not be stopped for now.

Many have been injured and carried to the hospitals for the treatments. In 2012, a pair of quakes killed many in northern Italy. In 2009, nearly 300 people were killed by 6.3 magnitude quake in central Italy. The neighbouring countries expressed their grief for the disaster.

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Nearly 250 Killed in Italy Earthquake

Nearly 250 Killed in Italy Earthquake

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