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Newspaper Reporter as Worst Job Third Time

Newspaper Reporter as Worst Job Third Time

Again for the third time US Survey reports Newspaper Reporter job as worst profession in America. It was ranked at top in the list of worst profession. As per the report data scientist is declared as the best profession after examining and analyzing 200 careers.

After the review of 200 careers, a popular job website in US ranked every job based on its income, stress, environment and other factors. In its 28th annual Jobs rated report analyzes it has listed worst job and best jobs. In the list of worst job, Newspaper reporter job stands first that has the poor salary of annual $37,200 as average.  In this list there comes firefighter, military service personnel, pest control worker jobs comes subsequently that has very low income in spite of high stress and danger involved.

Though these jobs are noble career, it was ranked as worst that has low income and high stress. Retail Sales Person, Disc Jockey, Taxi Driver jobs comes in the list of top 10 worst jobs.

Profession in Mathematics includes Data Scientist or Statisticians are selected as the best job of 2016 after analyzing 200 careers. The report says, on the average the annual income of Data Scientist is $128,240. Medical diagnostics, audiologist and security analyst were chosen as the best professions considering various factors.

The factor that directly affects the newspaper media is the drastically decline of advertising revenue says the report. Declining of employment opportunity is also the main factor that made the jobs to include in the worst career list.

'The news business has changed drastically over the years, and not in a good way,' said president of Baldwin Media PR and former broadcaster Ann Baldwin.

The IT jobs remained constant and continued in the best job category. There is a high demand in for qualified Mathematicians that may continue in next decade says the report.

Newspaper Reporter as Worst Job Third Time

Newspaper Reporter as Worst Job Third Time

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