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Nine year old CEO is a special ambassador for Hacker summit

The third grader boy Reuben Paul is already a CEO of his game development firm, Prudent Games. He had also accomplished as an app developer, hacker and cyber security expert.

This Indian-origin Paul last year delivered his speech on Nov 14th, Children's day on the event. But this year he is a special ambassador at one of the biggest Hackers conference in the world where cyber security experts and researchers meet held in Ground Zero Summit in 2015. Paul has been now as a special ambassador and he also gives special address and to teach children about cyber security.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the event as the chief guest and said cyber experts should try to stop the new threats of radicalization through the social media.

Four days from 5th to 8th November Ground Zero Summit 2015 conference was held in The Ashok, New Delhi, India. It is one of the world's biggest Hackers conferences that bring hackers all around Asia under one shed. Paul has given many keynotes in the conference of technical experts and also a respected speaker in hackers circle.

Most of the boys in his age are fond of playing video games but Paul has become the future of cyber security.

Paul while addressing said he wants to become a good cyber spy. 'With great hacking skills you get power, and with great power comes great responsibility,' said the young CEO.

Nine year old CEO is a special ambassador for Hacker summit

Nine year old CEO is a special ambassador for Hacker summit

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