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Odisha Man Carried Dead Wife on his Shoulder for 12 km

Odisha Man Carried Dead Wife on his Shoulder for 12 km

Poor Odisha man carried his wife's body after her death from hospital to his village which was more than 60 km away. He carried her in his shoulder for about 12 km with his 12 years old daughter coming weeping along side.

Dana Majhi wife has been admitted in government hospital and died at the same day suffered from tuberculosis. He requested hospital staffs for the vehicle to carry his wife. He also pleaded them that he could not arrange private vehicle of his own. But they refused to do so. With no other way he wrapped his wife's death body with clothes, took her on shoulder and began to walk. His daughter walked by his side weeping.

He was spotted by television crew on the way to his village on about 12 km of walk. They have reportedly arranged for the ambulance to take his wife's body.

Kalahandi's District Collector Brunda had rejected it and said he walked away in mid night without informing to anyone there. They have been provided help if he had asked she said. Now the government had offered help with money for funeral under government scheme.

On this year February, Odisha government had launched scheme 'Mahaparayana' where transport will be offered at free to people who dies in government hospitals. But this scheme was not offered to the poor man. The government had been severely criticized for this incident by the opposite parties and people.

The picture a man carrying his dead wife along side with his daughter is heart breaking one.

Odisha Man Carried Dead Wife on his Shoulder for 12 km

Odisha Man Carried Dead Wife on his Shoulder for 12 km

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