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Only 15 Alive Of 150 Whales Beached In Australian Coast

Our Planet Earth is surrounded by two-thirds of sea water. Oceans are meant to be the source for fishes, oil wells, ship transport, cyclonic rainfall formation for mankind. Ocean Research is being conducted by many international organisations to find new species, studying the existing sea living organisms, coral reefs for medicines and other useful purposes. Still, there are unknown species at the depth of oceans which humans could not reach.

Apart from these advantages that human gain from oceans, Oceans hold the industrial wastes, residential and plastic wastes disposed of by humans and also the wastes from ships. Suck kind of activities interfere the ocean environment and its beauty thus meant to pollute the ocean water and posing a threat to sea living organisms and ultimately affecting the health of seafood eaters. According to the recent reports, deaths of sea living organisms are rising every year.  In these circumstances, more than 150 pilot-whales were found along the coastline struggling for their survival. The sorrowful incident took place on Friday in Hamelin Bay, Western Australia and is about 315 km from Australia’s Capital City Perth.

With the information received from a fisherman about the beached whales, a rescue attempt was made by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservations and Attractions. Out of the 150 dying pilot-whales, 15 were rescued and sent back to sea while the other 135 died, unfortunately.The department personnel and volunteers said that due to huge weight of whales about thousand pound flesh, their rescue attempt got disrupted. The rescue team stated that the carcasses of whales were removed immediately to ensure the human safety and added that the reason for the beached whales might be due to retrograding weather conditions that include polluted sea water, the rise in ocean temperature, food availability etc…

Only 15 Alive Of 150 Whales Beached In Australian Coast

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