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Preserving Forest is essential for Humans Survive

Preserving Forest is essential for Humans Survive

Forest is one of the top natural resource in our planet. Forest is the home for huge varieties of animals, birds, insects etc that live in the trees and water bodies running in the forest.

Many resources are obtained from forest for the humans. It has the high Eco systems for the living beings and provides valuable resources. Forest gives the valuable products to the humans for their basic needs. Trees are cut down by the man from early days. But these were managed by the nature of growth and the cutting was done for only the basic needs of man.

Today Forests are used for the commercial purpose. Many multinational companies are cutting down the valuables trees in forest for their trade. They are doing this both legally and illegally. Forest forms one fifth of total land of about 1200 million hectors of land. According to UN report in 2006, 4 billion hectors of land are covered with forest about 30% of total earth.

Forests are mostly reduced due to cutting of trees (Deforestation). Millions hectors of Land is decreased yearly throughout the world.

Deforestation leads to raise in the global temperature, Soil erosion, lesser rainfall, Lose of ecosystem, lose of valuable resources, and increase the risk of flood.

A Butterfly Saved the 1500 old Redwood Trees

There are many environment activist who struggle against the deforestation. One of them is in California, to save the Red wood trees which are about 1500 year old forest.

A lady fought against the cutting of these trees from December 1997 to December 1999 staying on the Redwood tree. Julia Butterfly Hill action was against the Pacific Lumber, a branch of Maxxam Corporation cutting of the ancient redwood trees in the forest.

At early stage, this company didn’t care about the lady. Gradually, the lady got the huge supporters throughout the world and finally the corporate company made agreement that they won’t cut down the redwood trees without permission.

She had done the fight differently by choosing the 1500 old redwood tree and lived there for 2 years. She didn’t step back even at many distractions. She faced many troubles during the period and stood strongly with her action.  She was also an author of the book 'The Legacy of Luna'.

Several people were admired by her action and many written books, documentary about her. Musicians who inspired by Hill written and composed songs about her.

Now she became a motivational speaker travels widely, author, and co-founder of “Circle of Life Foundation”.

Benefits of forest

  • It protects the wild life inhabitants.
  • It reduces the soil erosion. It controls the land slide during the heavy rainfall which prevents eradicating the villages and houses nearby.
  • It reduces the flood flow. The flow of water will be managed by the trees in forest.
  • It increases the stream of water and water quality. It gives shadows to the streams and makes it clean drinking water. It also increases ground water level.
  • It purifies the air. It observes Co2 from air and gives out oxygen which is needed for the living beings to survey.
  • It increases the rainfall. Trees takes the needed water from the rain and streams and remaining water will be returned which again clouds are formed and gets rainfall.
  • It filters the harmful UV rays. It provides various valuable resources like food, water, medicinal herbs etc.
  • It reduces the temperature. Global warming can be reduced if the Afforestation is established.
  • Forests and Trees provide us more than what we think. In short, it protects the whole living beings in the planet.

Preserving Forest is essential for Humans Survive

Preserving Forest is essential for Humans Survive