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Riot Erupted In Venezuela After 68 Prisoners Died In A Prison Fire

The riot erupted outside the Venezuelan police station.

Tear gas, Bullets, Screams, sobbings and loud cries. A Venezuelan state is in complete chaos. On Wednesday a prosecutor of Venezuela has officially reported the press that a count of 68 people have died in Carabobo state prison after a fire blazed out in the cell area during a prison riot. He said that all the most of the victims were jail inmates and in addition to them, there are two female victims who are allowed in on that night to visit a prisoner.

The fire has broken out when a detainee shot up a police officer in the leg and lighted up mattress in an attempt of jailbreak. This fire incident is considered as the worst fire accident in last two decades history of Venezuela. Previously a jail fire in 1994 has killed about 100 jail inmates. Most of the victims who died in the recent jail fire breakout have died of breathing problem caused by heavy smoke.

Soon after the news of Police Station fire cleared the air the relatives of the victims gathered outside the police headquarters on Thursday and shouted for information about their relatives. But the relatives started to make riot when the security officers prevented them from entering the police headquarters. The situation became even worse when the police fires tear gas and rubber bullets over the rioters and the whole place ended up with a chaos. 

The scenario hit out the headlines on Thursday across the world as it made to sob everyone out there who heard the news. A live news agency from Carabobo state reported a speech of a rioted that she said to the media "I am a desperate mother. my son has been here(in the cells of the Police station) a week. They have not given any information. I don't know if my son is dead or alive"

The attorney general of the country had addressed the press that a team of four prosecutors have been formed out to go for a deeper investigation into the issue that made several Venezuelan families mourn.

Another report suggesting that the prisoners were chosen to burn down by the police officials. When some dozens of inmates in a cell started to protest against the department the officials threw gasoline to control them but unfortunately, they died. Then the police have left with no choice to hide the issue hence they let them burnt inside the cells. 

Riot Erupted In Venezuela After 68 Prisoners Died In A Prison Fire

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