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Russian Airplane crashed in Sinai 224 people on board

Russian airplane crashed in central Sinai 25 minutes after the take off with 217 passengers and 7 crew members.

Egyptian officials confirm this news and according to them the plane flew at 31,000 feet high when it lost the radar signal. The authorities say airplane may be completely destroyed and people may lose their lives.

This was a commercial plane with 224 people that includes 17 children traveling from Sharm el-Sheikh to St Peterburg. Soon after the take off the captain noticed the technical fault in the plane and requested for a route change.

Near the El Arish town, Egyptians rescue team spotted some parts of the airplane. The rescue team rushed to the spot with 45 ambulances to that mountainous area to identify the people.

Online fight tracking report says the flight comes down at northern Sinai area close to Israeli border. This is more close to the area where Egyptian army fighting with Islamic state of Iraq militants. Meanwhile Egyptian security source tells there was no sign of shot down.

Authorities were searching for the plane and the people but report says there is no sign of people left over. There is no official confirmation about the people injured or any survivors or any bodies found in the area. tweeted 'UPDATE Egyptian Authorities quick to confirm that the plane was 'definitely' not shot down'.

Russian Airplane crashed in Sinai 224 people on board

Russian Airplane crashed in Sinai 224 people on board

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