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SC rejects pleas against Junevile release in Nirbhaya Case

Petition filed by Delhi Commissioner of Women (DCW) on 2014 against the release of Junevile was rejected by Supreme Court on Monday.

Junevile one of the convict of Nirbhaya's brutally raped case on 2012. He was minor when he done crime with his gang of 6 person including him. Four of them were sentence to death while one accuse Ram Singh hanged himself in Tihar jail in 2013.

These six members had gang raped a girl in the moving bus at mid night. The victim severely injured and after admitted in the hospital and after 13 days of severe struggle she died at Singapore hospital. In her third death anniversary the culprit had been released.

Junevile is now 20years old. SC says it will act according to law. Under the present law one can’t kept in detention period beyond 3 years.

A special leave petition filed by DCM again on Saturday not to release Junevile until his mental reformation is stable.

Nirbhaya's mother says there is no justice to the women in this country. The victim’s mother was heartbroken by the Supreme Court judgment on his release. She also added that she knew SC will dismiss the petition since her petition in 2014 had also been rejected.

'All the courts have been given encouragement to this heinous crime by releasing this criminal,' said Nirbhaya's mother.

Yesterday the victim parents joined together with hundreds of supporters to show their solidarity near India Gate. They said they wanted justice and the rapists should not be released, they should form fresh laws for not releasing these criminals.

'It's a black day for women,' DCW head Swati Maliwal told to reporters. She said earlier to the media 'I appeal to the Central government to utilize Rs 3,000 crore of Nirbhaya fund for making high quality 'Nirbhaya' forensic labs across country. The fast track courts are not working they need to deliver justice. The real remembrance to Nirbhaya will only be when 1,500 rape cases pending in the courts are solved.  This injustice is a national shame.'


SC rejects pleas against Junevile release in Nirbhaya Case


SC rejects pleas against Junevile release in Nirbhaya Case

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