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Six Indian Origin Scientists to receive US Highest Government Award

Six Indian Origin Scientists to receive US Highest government Award

U.S. President Obama announced 106 independent researchers including 6 Indian origin scientists to be honored by highest US government Award.

These young independent researchers will receive Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers this spring during DC Ceremony at Washington.

The Indian-American scientists selected for the award include Milind Kulkarni (Purdue University), Kiran Musunuru (Harvard University), Sachin Patel (Vanderbilt University Medical Centre), Vikram Shyam (NASA), Rahul Mangharam (University of Pennsylvania) and Shwetak Patel (University of Washington).

'These early-career scientists are leading the way in our efforts to confront and understand challenges from climate change to our health and wellness. We congratulate these accomplished individuals and encourage them to continue to serve as an example of the incredible promise and ingenuity of the American people,' said Obama

Milind Kulkarni is an associate professor with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. His research area is Programming Languages and Compilers. He has interest in developing languages, compilers and run times.

Kiran Musunuru is as Assistant Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University and Associate Physician at Brigham and Women's hospital. His goal is to understand how naturally occurring human genetic protects or predisposes some people to cardiovascular and metabolic disease which is the leading cause of death in the world.

Sachin Patel is the associate professor of Psychiatry and Molecular Physiology & Biophysics. His overall research goal is to understand the role of neuronal cannabinoid signaling in brain function relevant to psychiatric disorders.

Vikram is the principal investigator at NASA Glenn Research Centre. He involved in research of computational and experimental analysis of and concept development in unsteady engine flow physics, biomimetics, energy harvesting, active and passive flow control, flow visualization and water purification. He is currently participating in NASA's Rocket University program.

Rahul Mangharam is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvani. His interests are in real-time scheduling algorithms for networked embedded systems with applications in energy-efficient buildings, automotive systems, medical devices and industrial wireless control networks.

Shwetak Patel (University of Washington) is a professor in Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering. He was a founder of Zensi, Inc., a residential energy monitoring company, which was acquired by Belkin, Inc in 2010. His research interests are in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, Sensor-enabled Embedded Systems, and User Interface Software and Technology.

Six Indian Origin Scientists to receive US Highest Government Award

Six Indian Origin Scientists to receive US Highest Government Award

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