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Soma mine disaster in Turkey

Soma mine disaster in Turkey

Soma coal mine in Turkey had a vast disaster on 13th May 2014 which killed 311 people who is working there. It is truly a worst in Turkey history.

Hundreds of people gathered to find their missing relatives in the disaster. Many were rescued from the mine after the incident with major injuries.

The family and relatives hugs and kisses their beloved one after finding rescued from the disaster. Many had lost their life in the deadly disaster which was considered as a very worst one in Turkey's history.

The sources say that it is because of reduction of cost and compromised safety measures. There was a huge explosion 2 miles under the ground that causes fire and killed more than 300 people and 80 injured. They died of carbon mono oxide poisoning.

Safety equipments are very poor, ventilation is not proper, transformers is brought locally which is one of the main cause for the disaster.

Many protest burst out after the math. Hundreds of protester throwing stones on the police and some were protest against the mine company.

The people arose when they heard the Prime Minister of Turkey Saying 'Mine accidents are most common'. Hundreds of people surrounded and chased the car. The report says that Prime Minister pushed a man and his assistant kicked that man lying down.

The Turkish government announced 3 days national mourning for Soma mine victims.

Soma mine disaster in Turkey

Soma mine disaster in Turkey