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Stephen Hawking Warns About Aliens Once Again

Stephen Hawking Warns About Aliens Once Again

The popular scientists Stephen Hawking once again opened his fears about Alien. He had warned human not to reply for the signal that one day surely reaches the earth from Alien, if they exists. He says finding alien is a good and we should be careful with them. They may also search us as we do. They may be more intelligent and powerful than humans.

'One day, we might receive a signal from a planet like this, but we should be wary of answering back,' he said.

Planet Gliese 832c, discovered in 2014 has the climate as like earth. It is 5 times bigger than earth and lots of possibilities of alien lives there.

Stephen Hawking first expressed his fear over alien in 2010 on the Discovery channel and it does not change till now.

Gliese 832c is a nearest Earth-like planet in the space which is just 16 light years. In numbers, it has several crore kilometres. If compared to other stars or infinity space this distance is smallest.

Hawking in the recent video said, colonization of stars and planets is the best chance of survival. He had speculated mankind has another 1000 years left on Earth. He warns mankind about disaster due to nuclear terrorism, climate change and other artificial intelligence. It is minimum years and may take more than that up to 10000 years.

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Stephen Hawking Warns About Aliens Once Again

Stephen Hawking Warns About Aliens Once Again

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