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Strong Earthquake Struck Myanmar

Strong Earthquake Struck Myanmar

An earthquake of about 6.9 struck at Myanmar last night and it was felt in eastern parts of India and Bangladesh.  On the India-Myanmar border the earthquake of magnitude 7.0 was felt. This massive earthquake shocked the people and made them to run away from house on Wednesday night.

This made the huge crackers on the buildings, debris fall, power cut in north eastern states. Earthquake was 84 miles depth and 246 miles north of Myanmar’s capital Naypyidaw. The authorities said there was no injures of loss of lives so far.

The multi storey building was shacked and people were rushed to the ground. There was no major damage reported.

The earthquake was felt 500 Miles apart in India's Kaziranga National Park where the popular couple Kate and William stays. They were on tour to India; they had lodged along the river side of the park. As per the report the couple felt the earthquake.

Some people felt two earthquakes in between small gap. It was largely felt in Kolkatta where people came out from their house at night. People were crowd at the streets of the residents in many cities in north eastern states. The tremors were felt hundreds of miles around the epicenter of northern Myanmar.

Power and cell phones were disrupted; many buildings were crashed down and drowned power tower to ground. And people of Bangladesh also felt the same.

Strong Earthquake Struck Myanmar

Strong Earthquake Struck Myanmar

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