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TN Farmers Protest At Jantar Mantar Started Again

TN Farmers Protest At Jantar Mantar Started Again

TN Farmers Protest At Jantar Mantar Started Again: Tamil Nadu farmers had started the protest in Jantar Mantar, Delhi yesterday. They stated protest in the heavy rain and tied their legs and hands with iron chains. As on second day they continues the protest tying their hands and legs and with Skulls and skeletons placed in front of them. Headed with Ayyakannu, the group of farmers again started their agitation seeking the loan wave, setting Cauvery management, merging of rivers and several others.

Farmers had suspended their almost 41 days protest on April last week after Tamil Nadu CM and central minister Radha Krishnan assured to take steps in waving of the farmers loan. But still farmers did not get any responses from the government. Ayyakannu said Tamil Nadu government had not taken any action for their agitation and cheated them. He said state and central government are not considering them and police are urging them to stop the protest and to quit the place.

Still the farmers' suicides are continuing in the state due to crop failure. Farmer Ganesh killed himself by setting fire on himself recently in Trichy district. More than 400 farmers have died due to crop failure in several ways including suicides and heart attack in the state.

Meantime the state is face several issues including Kathiramangalam protest. The people in Kathiramangalam continue their protest demanding the release of 10 members arrested. They started protest seeking government to withdraw the hydrocarbon and methane project in their village. Likewise, Neduvasal people are stating protest for many days demanding the same from the government.

TN Farmers Protest At Jantar Mantar Started Again