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US bombs on Afghanistan hospital Obama apologies

US air strike hits the hospital Doctors without Borders in Afghanistan that killed 2 dozens of lives on Saturday. US President Barack Obama personally apologized about the incident.

Obama on Wednesday personally apologized to head of the Doctors without Borders and described it as mistaken bombing. In the field hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan five days before an American AC-130 gunship bombed and killed nearly 22 peoples inside the hospital including 12 medical staffs and 10 patients. More than 40 people were severely injured.

Dr. Liu, the president of Doctors without Borders hospital acknowledged Obama's regret and did not want him to stop there. She demands for the independent investigation by the International Humanitarian Fact- Finding commission on this incident to find out why it had happened.

Direct apology asked by the president is rare, before this in 2012 Obama expressed direct regret to the president of Afghanistan for the several copies of Qurans were burned by American military which leaded to violence.

Obama had already expressed his deepest condolences to the family members of the victims by this deadliest incident.

The Afghan people say this as a war crime. Doctors in the hospitals said there were series of bombings in 15 minutes interval between 2:00 to 3:15 am on Saturday.

US bombs on Afghanistan hospital Obama apologies

US bombs on Afghanistan hospital Obama apologies

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