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US Designated Milli Muslim League As Global Terrorist Organisation

US designated Milli Muslim League as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation.

Within few days after the Pakistan Election Commission positively waved Hafiz Saeed by submitting all clearance documents to the Interior Ministry of Pakistan for registering Milli Muslim League as a political party, the US State Department had declared the MML as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation. 

Previously the Election commission had refused the plea of Hafiz Saeed to register his Milli Muslim League as a political party in Pakistan because of its ties with the global terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Toiba. 

Trump Administration had declared the MML and Tehreek-e-Azadi-e-Kashmir (TAJK) as a Specially Designated Militant Organisation recently where the US government had already listed Hafiz Saeed as Global Terrorist and fixed Bounties on his head. 

According to the States Department, both the MML and the TAJK are the outfits of LeT. This action of US will place an obstacle in the way of Let that running for an office in Pakistan. 

According to the US Treasury Department, the MML is just an acting political group that mostly depends on the ideas and directions of LeT. Along with MML and TAJK, the Treasury has designated seven Members of the league as specially designated Global Terrorists.

The US state department had designated the LeT as a Global Terrorist Organisation in 2001 and accusing Pakistan of not taking any actions over the group where the group using Pakistan as its base.

As per the US State Department, Hafiz Saeed is an important head in LeT who also formed a private military group called Jammed-Ud-Dava. Hafiz formed the Milli Muslim League a political outfit that considered to be funded by the LeT in 2017 to bag the political power of Pakistan in an action of favouring the LeT to break its obstacles. Hafiz Saeed is believed to the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. 

A spokesperson of the US State Department said on Monday that whatever may be the plan of LeT to hide its extremism under a cover of political outfit the United States will continue its targeting towards the organization.

US Designated Milli Muslim League As Global Terrorist Organisation

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